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  • Made a Few Mistakes? Jesus Truly Has You Covered

    Posted July 28th, 2013 by
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    The phrase, “Jesus saves” is not just rhetoric for Christians; those who live in the light of Christ know that Jesus really did die in a big effort to keep God from sentencing them to an eternity in hell. All Christians have to do to receive forgiveness is ask Jesus to absolve them of their sins.

    Regardless of which Christian denomination one chooses to follow, Jesus will still be willing to forgive them for their sins. Read the rest of this post »

    Christianity: Why Suffer When You Don’t Have To?

    Posted May 23rd, 2013 by
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    Christianity: Why Suffer When You Do Not Have To?

    Coming To Terms With Suffering
    In the teachings of Christ, one of the most dominant stories is about forgiveness. This is a moral teaching that is designed to encourage followers of Christianity. In this sense, this is a teaching about forgiveness and love, as opposed to suffering and redeeming your sins. Moreover, you do not have to suffer in order to be a good Christian. In fact, there are many ways to live a good life without having to feel the burden of Read the rest of this post »

    When In Doubt Hear Jesus Out

    Posted March 21st, 2013 by
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    There are many times in a person’s life when they may be unsure of a decision they’ve already made or are about to make. Regardless of whether it’s a personal decision or a decision that may affect several other people, there is one thing to always keep in mind. When in doubt, hear Jesus out.

    If you are unsure of what the right decision is, you can learn a lot by learning from the word of the Lord. Within the Bible, there are many life lessons to be learned for a variety of situations. Read the rest of this post »

    Christianity: Faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit

    Posted June 4th, 2012 by
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    Throughout history, there has never been a full description of God, the Father. His Son Jesus walked among men on earth and there are many descriptions of Him, and God’s Holy Spirit has been seen in action throughout the Bible. Yet God Himself has only shown Himself to a few people and they could not describe Him in earthly terms anyone would understand.

    God’s Holy Spirit connects the Father and Son and all humankind that have a relationship with them. Although the world sees everyone whom believes in God and His Holy Read the rest of this post »

    Christian Ten Commandments Crucifies Carelessness, Chaos and Cruelty

    Posted June 2nd, 2012 by
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    The Christian ten commandments are still as important today as they were back when Moses came down from the mountain with them. Following the commandments in everyday life helps to prevent carelessness, chaos and cruelty. Many of the commandments are meant for us as humans to live a moral life and others were made laws that are still punishable in the judicial system today.

    For many people there is controversy in the meaning of the commandments. Some will view the moral ones such Read the rest of this post »

    Understanding the Protective Christ in an Unprotected World

    Posted May 29th, 2012 by
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    Christians rely on their faith in Jesus to get them through the most difficult situations. In a world that sees violence and sadness, people can have peace in knowing that Christ protects them. It might seem that Christ is not there because of all of the bad things that are going on in the world, but this is not the case. God is trying to teach His children a lesson, and His children are not accepting that Read the rest of this post »

    Salvation Begins in the Heart, Not By the Hand

    Posted May 27th, 2012 by
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    I’ve heard a lot about salvation. I say YES, Jesus,… hooray, I’m a Christian! This oversimplified version of the greatest experience a person can have -the experience which forms our entire identity, determines how we live, why, and our eternity -just isn’t what I’ve actually experienced.
    Focusing on saying YES, Jesus! has definitely distracted me (and others I know) from the actual starting point of personal salvation; the heart. Saying yes, as far as I’ve heard, can be done many ways. We can fold our hands to pray a lot, we can use our hands Read the rest of this post »

    Jesus – The Coolest Father of All

    Posted May 25th, 2012 by
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    Jesus is the coolest father of all! We often fail to see how awesome Jesus’ love is. Jesus is the coolest father because he has given us the most incredible gift we could ever have. That gift is purification from sin and the ability to live a righteous life!

    Jesus, who is the son of God, became the man he is today to save all of us from sin. He did what no other one would do! He tasted what death was Read the rest of this post »